About Goshen Timber Frames

Goshen Timber Frames is pleased to offer an updated version of their longstanding online resource for anyone considering building a timber frame home.  We’ve shared inspiration, ideas, and innovation for twenty years now and hope that you’ll find the information have here enlightening.

Goshen proudly designs and builds timber frame homes nationwide.

Stay tuned as we post current information that will help you to build a beautiful, energy efficient, sustainable home!

As the publisher and “chief cook and bottle washer” (CCABW) at Goshen Timber Frames, I’ll do my best to provide pertinent information about building a timber frame, green building, and anything else that seems important.

We encourage you to engage us with questions and comments.  We’ll do our best to answer your questions and to provide resource material that will help as you research timber frame homes.

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Bonnie Pickartz

We give our all!


  • Timber Frame Home Design – Beautiful homes that live well.
  • Talented craftsmen handcraft your timber frame
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Energy Efficiency with structural insulated panels

Welcome to Goshen Timber Frames

Goshen Timber Frames is a family owned and operated company located in the wonderful Appalachian Mountains.  Since 1997 we’ve been working with our clients nationwide to design and build the homes of their dreams. We listen, we advise, we share what we’ve learned from our diverse and wonderful clientele.  Whether you’re talking to Bonnie about your project, Bobby about the plan,  David about the logistics, or Gerald about the process of handcrafting and raising your timber frame, you are speaking to someone who cares, someone who is invested in your home.

Your journey can begin right here, today. Your ideas are important. Your thoughts about the way your home should live and about what works for you…and what doesn’t…are key in designing a home that will live well.  So, come on along. We’re here to serve.

Who is Goshen Timber Frames?


Our Company Mission

Team Goshen is focused on designing and building homes that will stand the test of time.


The Goshen Timber Frames Philosophy

We care. From the beginning to the end we are committed to working as much with our hearts as with our hands.


The Goshen Timber Frames Promise

We will be there for you. We’ll leave nothing to chance and will be available from the first call until long after you move in.


We Will Deliver

Our skills and talents far exceed our size. We design beautiful, structurally sound homes. We carefully handcraft each timber. We raise your timber frame with care. We enclose it with the structural insulated panels so your home will be not only stunning, but energy efficient.