Timber Frame Home Plans

The decision to build your timber frame home wasn’t a snap decision.  You’ve read books and magazines, watched television shows and did lots of research. Timber frame homes are built not only with chisels and mallets, but with dreams and heart.

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Your timber frame home plan is the most important piece of this puzzle. After you find the land, your plan will be your next step in building your perfect home.  You’ve, no doubt, thought long and hard about how your home will look and how it will live.  Whether you want a farmhouse, a contemporary home, a cottage, or a lodge, your floor plan needs to work for the way you live.  Your home will need to accommodate your lifestyle today and into the future.

Goshen has developed plans that work in the country, on a mountainside or lakeside, or in a subdivision. We’ve understand that a home has to not only work for you today, but has your family grows, or shrinks, and it must allow you to age with grace.

We offer these plans as inspiration.  You may or may not find a plan that is perfect as is. It’s very likely that you won’t, but you will probably find one or more that feel right. That’s were our talented design team steps in. They work with what you’ve found in these plans and create a plan just for you.

So take time to peruse these plans. Each of them can be modified to be smaller or larger, to have fewer or more bedrooms, to live like you life. We consider most of the space in plans as “flex-space” because our timber frame homes aren’t defined by bearing walls. We can make one of these timber frame home plans YOUR home plan.


Goshen Timber Frames provides a design-build service which allows you the flexibility to either custom design your timber frame home or hybrid  or revise an existing Goshen home plan to suit your needs. As a part of Goshen’s in-house design service, we design the timber frame and provide home plans including elevations, floor plans, foundation plans, specifications, sections and details for the entire project, including conventional or panelized additions.

Our designer, Bobby Johns, has a wealth of experience from which to draw.   Bobby began as a joiner and he brings knowledge of the joinery to life on paper. Bobby also works with the Dietrich’s design program to help our customers bring their designs into 3D.

When we design your Goshen timber frame, we start with development of a floor plan, and proceed through preliminary home plans to final drawings. Home plans include elevations, floor plans, foundation plans, specifications, sections and details.  We work closely with an engineer who will provide engineered foundation plans, if needed to meet code.

The design cost is included in the quote you will receive on your project. If an architect or engineer’s stamp is required by your local building department, Goshen will recommend and work with an Architect or Engineer to develop your plans.

After fifteen years in the custom home building industry, I can honestly say that “Mrs Pickartz and her staff are some of the most pleasant, knowledgeable and professional craftspeople I have ever worked with.” I highly recommend Mrs Pickartz to anyone wanting to make their dream home a reality! – T. Melzer, Alabama

We’ve included the information you need to match your home plan to your site/lot and to your lifestyle. If you need additional information about any of these plans, or about a custom design, just drop us a note at info@goshenframes.com or give us a call 828-524-8662.

Custom Home Design

Timber Frame Home Plans – Charming and Small – 400 – 1500 Square Feet

Timber Frame Home Plans – Comfortable but not too large – 1500 – 2700 Square Feet

Timber Frame Home Plans – Live Large – 2700 Plus Square Feet

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