Goshen Timber Frames provides the following warranty to its customers:

goshen timber frames franklin nc structural frame warrantyTimber Frame Structural Warranty

Goshen Timber Frames, Inc., hereby warranties that the timber frame you have purchased is free from structural defects for a period of ten years from the erection date, or as long as you own your home, provided that:

  • you or your contractor have not moved, altered, or cut the frame in the process of finishing the structure;
  • the frame subsequently has not been cut or altered in any way;
  • stresses that exceed the loads called for by code have not been exerted upon the structure by war, terrorism or acts of God.

We further warranty that the timbers used to construct the frame are certified and stamped for the structural grade indicated on your timber frame drawings.

Changes in wood components will occur over time as part of the natural aging process. This is considered normal; but in the unlikely event that any such change will affect the structural integrity of the frame, it shall be repaired at no cost.

As with any wood product, insects may do damage if the frame is not protected from them. We warranty our frames for any insect problem due to infestation of the wood prior to delivery and erection of the frame. We encourage you to take standard measures used to protect any wood construction from insects.

If the warranty requirements of the state in which you build exceed this warranty, we will meet the state’s requirements.

In the event that you believe there is a problem with your frame, you must notify Goshen Timber Frames in writing within 30 days of noticing the problem. Goshen will not consider claims if we have not been notified within 30 days and given “right to cure,” if called for. In the event that agreement cannot be reached about the need for repair/replacement and the method for doing so, the owners shall submit their claim to arbitration.

All claims arising under this warranty shall be submitted first to arbitration in Franklin, North Carolina. One arbitrator shall be appointed by the Owner and one shall be appointed by the Contractor, those two being required to name a third; and in the event that the three cannot agree upon a resolution of the dispute, then the majority vote of the three shall prevail and become binding upon both parties to this agreement.

In addition, suppliers’ warranties are assigned to you for the insulated panels and/or structural insulated panels in our timber frame package. Full details are available upon request.

This warranty represents the entire liability of Goshen Timber Frames and excludes all implied or expressed warranties other than those contained in this document.