Why Timber Frame?

Goshen Timber Frames builds dreams. People spend years designing and building their home without ever putting a pencil to paper or a shovel to the ground. They plan timber frame homes and when the time is right, someone with the skills to bring it all together is needed, someone with a passion for timber framing that matches their own. Goshen Timber Frames Team commits to working with each client to design and build their new timber frame home. Timber frame homes have always been “green homes”, energy efficient and sustainable. For centuries timber frame homes have provided exceptional shelter and for centuries they will continue to do so.

Goshen promotes smaller, more sustainable timber frame homes as a responsible way to live. Timber frames live larger than comparably sized conventionally framed homes. Open spaces and no load bearing walls allow your home to live easily in a small home.

Please peruse our timber frame home plans for ideas and inspiration. Your home is important to you…and to us. Our commitment to quality and customer service has served our clients well. A timber frame home can be all you dream and more. Goshen Timber Frames would like to help. Visit our FAQS Page  for additional information.

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“What you are will show in what you do.”
– Thomas A. Edison